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August - 1 - 2012

When I set up a new client’s website, the first thing I do after registering the domain name is to create a Google Analytics account. This service allows you to track your site visitor numbers, time spent on site, visitor IP location, where they came from … the list goes on and on. There are so many metrics it can make the mind boggle, however, knowing where people come from, what language they speak, what screen size they use, is all extremely important information for creating a better experience for the visitor and improving and refining your content and advertising avenues.

I’ve been using Google Analytics for longer than I can remember and I still find metrics or combinations of information which are extremely useful. You can use custom methods to track your social media marketing, links from partners or from sites where you advertise.

Do you know how many people visit your site? Do you know that half of them are Russian and you should provide a version of your site in Russian? You could be missing out on huge sales leads!

Implement Google Analytics now and get more valuable traffic to your site!