We are a freelance web development and internet marketing consultancy based in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

We can create a complete internet presence for your company using the latest web standards and styles. From registering a domain name to managing the content, subscribers and newsletters, or just to update your current site, we can take care of it all.

So if you’re looking for someone to make a website in Cabarete, website in Sosua, the Dominican Republic, or anywhere for that matter, get in touch and we’ll get your vision online and business coming your way.

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Woocommerce 7 years on

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Coming up to 7 years of working very closely with the WooCommerce platform (WordPress plugin technically), we've come to some conclusions. We're going to go through a few of the pros and cons here. Our case study is Green Water Sports, the number 1 inflatable paddle board retailer in the USA. Background Launching on WordPress and WooCommerce back in 2012, Green Water Sports used WooCommerce almost from the day they launched. Now WooCommerce is actually a part of WordPress (owner by Automattic also) and is fairly seamless in it's integration to WordPress with a lot more features. Pros Seamless integration…

How to discount products on WooCommerce

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A client has a sale coming up on some of their popular inflatable stand up paddle boards. The Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPs are going to be 15% off for 10 days. Leading up to Memorial Day on May 27, the discount needs to be applied. Instead of manually editing the price at both the start and end of the sale, we can use the WooCommerce sale schedule. As you can see in the image above, the 10'6" Ride by Red Paddle Co is usually $1299. For May 17 to May 27, the price will be 15% off, $1104. We…

Webshop case study

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We've been working closely with Green Water Sports for several years now. Green Water Sports is America's #1 inflatable paddle board retailer and prides themselves on quality products with detailed information, a slick website and exceptional customer service. It is no accident that they are the go to for online purchases of inflatable stand up paddle boards by the industry's best brands. With them we've relentlessly worked on optimizing the website and the content, while they've curated a product catalogue to back that up. Featuring the 3 market leaders in inflatable paddle board technology, those being Red Paddle Co, Starboard…

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