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Backup your website!

By July 17, 2012February 17th, 2019No Comments

As with everything in life and business, you need to be safe and have a backup plan if things go wrong. As Murphy’s Law will always dictate, if you don’t have a plan you’ll be in deep doodoo when the doodoo hits the fan. With your website though, this is easily solved. Have a backup and Murphy’s Law will mean that you’ll never need it. If you do need it, you’ll have it there ready to go. Minimal down time and hopefully, no lost revenue.

I use WordPress for 99% of my clients. Not only does this make it easy to manage your content, it makes it extremely easy to implement an automated site wide backup service that not only copies every file to a private and secure location, it also copies your entire WordPress database for safe keeping as well. If anything should go wrong, you have a backup of your site. You can set the frequency of your backups relative to the frequency you add/edit content on your site. It’ll do the whole thing by itself!

Most sites are mildly active and I prefer weekly backups, with each copy kept for 10 weeks. Since I have installed backups on every website I launch or manage, I have not needed the service. Let’s hope that continues. Thanks Murphy!

Do you need a backup of your website? Of course you do – contact me now!