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Button position and color

By February 11, 2020March 6th, 2020No Comments

A lot of psychology and behaviour goes into website design and functionality. We are creatures of habit and don’t like surprises. As such, websites and e-commerce websites especially, factor these into the design, layout and color schemes. Colors can invoke certain feelings or reactions.

logo color

So when it comes time for a potential customer to add that item to the cart, and proceed to checkout, we want them feeling like it is the right thing to do. Once we’ve settled on a color, we have to be sure that the next steps in the process is familiar and the same hierarchy of color palette is used.

Equally important is the position of these buttons. Having buttons spaced and positioned clearly on the page is essential to an obvious and easy process. Too many buttons of the same cold and the potential customer won’t know where to click, or buttons in the wrong place and they won’t know how to proceed.

A good example of button color, position and process can be seen here at Green Water Sports.

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