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Buy inflatable stand up paddle boards at Green Water Sports!

By September 25, 2013February 17th, 2019No Comments

choosing-a-stand-up-paddle-boardIn the market to buy a stand up paddle board? It really is very simple. Our recent clients for web development, Green Water Sports, are the foremost authority on the inflatable SUPs by Red Paddle Co and they have written 2 guides for people new to paddle boarding.

First off, you need a board so you’ll want to check out this guide for choosing an inflatable SUP paddle board and then, you need a paddle, so you’ll want to read this guide to choosing a SUP paddle. The paddle guide also has a short section on how to measure your SUP paddle so you can be paddling efficiently and comfortably straight away.

Here is an excerpt from the “Choosing a SUP board” guide at

Working out which stand up paddle board to buy should not be a difficult process. Board sizes, widths, volumes and construction can be a little overwhelming for first timers and skilled SUPers so we have put together a short list of things to consider when choosing a SUP board. Remember, once you have chosen your paddle board, you’ll need to chose a SUP paddle.

Choosing the right paddle board for you comes down to 4 criteria…

Read more of the guide to SUP boards here, and the guide to SUP paddles here. Alternatively, you can head directly to their SUP board page here. We worked hard on their website and we think we delivered a top notch website. Let us know what you think!