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Etoile Du Monde online store is live!

By April 23, 2013February 17th, 2019No Comments

Etoile Du Monde is a very well known fashion brand in Europe. Now it is destined to become well known in the USA too. Putting her extensive fashion background to work, Julie has acquired the exclusive rights to Etoile Du Monde for the USA and will endeavour to build the brand in the USA initially with an online store and then into retail stores in the future.

From her new website at

Life is about deep French kisses, great adventures, midnight swims, rambling conversations, feeling good, daring and dress heavenly.

I told myself that if a fashion line looks so heavenly, makes women shine and on top of that is designed in Paris,  the chances of it being  sweet  are close to 99%. I’m pretty convinced that most of you will fall in love with ETOILE DU MONDE just as I did and, yes, it’s totally OK to fall in love with a garment that looks even better when you put it on and makes you want to dance the Rumba.

So we are all set with our warehouse and team in Michigan to serve, delight and give you your EDM fix. This candy-colored collection is oh-so-rad to wear anywhere. You’ll love the way it makes you feel!

Hope you amazing fashion people will love it as much as I do and remember: Red Bull might give you wings but ETOILE DU MONDE gives you style and sexiness.

Shopping time is ON, have FUN!

Using Shopify as the shopping cart platform, it seamlessly integrates with the Michigan based fulfilment centre, blog ready and we’ve used a customised theme to match Etoile Du Monde’s inherent sleekness and style.