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How to discount products on WooCommerce

By May 16, 2019No Comments

A client has a sale coming up on some of their popular inflatable stand up paddle boards. The Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPs are going to be 15% off for 10 days. Leading up to Memorial Day on May 27, the discount needs to be applied. Instead of manually editing the price at both the start and end of the sale, we can use the WooCommerce sale schedule.

As you can see in the image above, the 10’6″ Ride by Red Paddle Co is usually $1299. For May 17 to May 27, the price will be 15% off, $1104. We can edit the sale price before the sale and again after it. However, WooCommerce have the Schedule option for the “on sale” period.

As you can see here, the sale price can be effective from and to a specific date. Simply enter the date the sale starts and the sale ends to have the website automatically update the website.

From the above, the sale of 15% off runs from 12:00:01am on May 17 to 11:59:59pm on May 27.

When you update the pricing, at least for the Green Water Sports website and their theme, the on sale pricing is shown like this.

So, if you’re into paddle boarding, take a look at Green Water Sports between May 17 to May 27 (Memorial Day) for excellent deals on all Red Paddle Co boards and paddles!