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Optimising your e-commerce purchase process

By March 31, 2020No Comments

Streamlined checkout processes and even one click ordering, make buying online extremely quick and easy. Frictionless checkout is not by accident and is extensively researched and tested. Obviously sites like Amazon that have all your info saved can maximise the conversion rate with one click purchasing, but on sites that are smaller and perhaps aren’t visited as frequently for purchases, how can they make the process quick and easy.

The process starts well before the checkout page:

  • Above the fold and clearly defined add to cart button.
  • Likewise on the cart page,¬†have clearly visible buttons (both font and color) to initiate checkout. Starting the process needs to be obvious. Matching these with the add to cart button can make the process easier.

Now on the checkout page itself, a few tips:

  • Allow shoppers to checkout as guests. Not everyone wants to make an account and be kept on file.
  • Fit everything on one page if you can. If you have a multi page process, indicate the progress the customer is making towards finishing the order.
  • Capture the email first so an abandoned cart software can contact the customer
  • Reduce clutter on the checkout page. You don’t want any distractions for the customer as they are adding their info.
  • Use address validator (like Google) to correctly fill out the address fields.
  • Make sure your checkout page is mobile firendly.
  • Show the cart contents and pricing right up to them clicking to place the order.
  • Have a large, obvious “Place Order” button.

Testing, testing and more testing after you’ve set up the basics will ensure you are constantly optimising the process and capturing every possible conversion. This is something that we at Cabarete Web Design have worked on with Green Water Sports, an online water sports retailer specialising in inflatable stand up paddle boards.

To test our development and process findings, head to this page here for Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPs, select a product, add to cart and experience the cart page and checkout process we developed.

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