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The payment gateway kings

By March 18, 2019May 15th, 2019No Comments

E-commerce is all about selling things online. Without a fast and well functioning website you’re already putting yourself at a disadvantage. Browsers (shoppers) like quick and easy websites and purchasing processes. Too many questions, too many steps, too many clicks… and you’ve lost their interest or they’ve found a cat video on YouTube.

Over at Green Water Sports, the USA’s leading online inflatable paddle board retailer, they’ve spent hours looking over data and design to optimise and simplify the buying process. From button color to page layout, or payment methods to input field placement, they’ve looked at it all.

The key takeaways are:

  • Clear and concise text with high quality images
  • Obvious “Add to cart” button
  • Simple cart page layout and obvious “Checkout”
  • One page checkout page with the fewest input fields possible to complete the order
  • Payment gateways that make life easy

This last step is key. Entering credit card info is tedious, shipping address, name, number, CVC, billing address, card holder name, etc. Capture the info once, don’t ask for the billing address again or in a separate area to the shipping address. And finally, take a serious look at adding Amazon Pay to your checkout process. Do you have an Amazon account? Chances are your customer will too and remembers their password. A quick login, payments methods are there, shipping addresses are there, 3 clicks, just 3 clicks and the order is placed.

Make it easy on the customer and they’ll keep coming back!

For a closer look at America’s leading seller for Red Paddle Co inflatable paddle boards and Starboard inflatable paddle boards, head here: Green Water Sports.