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Travelling with Bettina goes online!

By January 17, 2011February 17th, 2019No Comments

During a very quick visit back home to Australia, family time turned into internet time and resulted in some website work for Bettina. She offers travel to exotic places for seniors.

Most of us have been to destinations like France, England, spent a year or so in London, Scotland,  Tuscany in Italy, Spain, Greece and maybe Turkey… Travelling with Bettina will open your eyes to different parts of the world. Travel to more unknown or disputed places.

With more and more trips on offer, Bettina needed a central location with all the information about each trip, including photos, itineraries and links to relevant travel resources.

A very simple layout for the ‘older generation’ to navigate, this website was up and online in just a few days.

Is your business growing? Do you need a website for clients to visit and browse 24/7? Maybe it’s time you went online too. Contact me today for a quote.