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Webshop case study

By April 25, 2019May 15th, 2019No Comments

We’ve been working closely with Green Water Sports for several years now. Green Water Sports is America’s #1 inflatable paddle board retailer and prides themselves on quality products with detailed information, a slick website and exceptional customer service.

It is no accident that they are the go to for online purchases of inflatable stand up paddle boards by the industry’s best brands. With them we’ve relentlessly worked on optimizing the website and the content, while they’ve curated a product catalogue to back that up.

Featuring the 3 market leaders in inflatable paddle board technology, those being Red Paddle Co, Starboard and Fanatic, Green Water Sports had a fairly simple task of letting the products, text and images do most of the talking. What we and Green Water Sports has worked hard on though, is providing that info on a fast and thought website with plenty of detailed personally written and filmed tutorials and information, coupled with a fast checkout process.

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